Community Values

“We must balance the economic, environmental, social and cultural needs of our town. I am committed to building a healthy, stable and livable community for residents, visitors, and future generations."


Economic &



Economic. The 1990 Banff Incorporation Agreement,  which created us as a Town, states that tourism will be our sole economic driver. I support the initiatives of Banff Lake Louise Tourism to encourage tourism growth in our quieter seasons. I believe that if Banff is a great place to live, that it will also be a great place to visit.

Environment. One of the goals of our community plan is that Banff will be an environmental role model. Our Environmental Master Plan, Renewable Energy Transition Roadmap and Climate Action Workplan will see Town of Banff corporate emissions reduced by more than  50% by 2030. I will support programs that continue to improve municipal environmental performance and programs that assist residents and businesses with their performance also.

Pandemic/ COVID19/ Recovery: We’ve been responding to the pandemic with safety initiatives for residents and businesses (e.g. entry checkpoints, mask bylaws and safety ambassadors.) We’ve also fostered safety and business viability with things like the pedestrian zone in our downtown and partnering with the work Banff Lake Louise Tourism has done.  Once we are done with these emergencies measures we need to focus on our recovery so that we return to a thriving vibrant safe community. I believe that if Banff is a great place to live, that it will also be a great place to visit.


Cost of Living was identified as the biggest challenge of living in Banff in the 2018/19 Community Social Assessment. We need to be a community that supports residents of all ages. I will continue to support affordable housing, Banff Access Card for low-income residents, the good food box and other programs to make Banff more livable.
I would like to see us support studies and research that will demonstrate to the other orders of government the high costs of living and operating a business in Banff in comparison to other communities. This information will support our arguments for increased funding.


According to the 2017, Banff Resident Survey 1 in 5 residents of Banff are in unacceptable housing and 61% say Banff is unaffordable. We need more affordable housing.


With a history of over 4 million visitors a year residents have said that congestion, traffic and general “busy-ness” are affecting their quality of life. I will support initiatives, like ROAM transit and a walkable community, that will reduce this congestion.

I encourage you to be involved and make your issues known by answering citizen surveys, participating in open houses, by talking to your councillors and following what is happening in our town. 

A key achievement in the next 4 years will be the development of our next Community Plan. Together, we will have in-depth conversations and consultations to shape our vision for our community. Please plan to be involved!